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Fargo Women Might Face Charges of Child Abuse

According to Valley News Live, due to an incident that occurred earlier this month, Kelly Jo Topp is now accused of bruising the bottom of a three-month-old baby and might face charges of Child Abuse or Neglect.

Details of the Daycare Incident

According to court documents filed in Cass County, on Jan 4th, Kelly and Chris Kringstad noticed bruising on their three-month old baby’s bottom. Kelly dropped the child of to the daycare around 8:00 a.m. that morning and Chris picked her up around 4:45 p.m in the evening.

When changing her diaper, Chris did not notice anything unusual but later that day, Kelly did notice some bruising.  She immediately contacted a physician who directed her to call the police.

The parents contacted the daycare provider, Kelly Jo Topp, to find out what happened. Topp responded to the texts claiming that the child had been “fussy” all day long. When the police showed up, she invited them in and explained that the child was screaming all day long. She said it was so loud that the other children she was caring for were covering their ears.

According to reports, Topp decided to change the baby’s diaper and then doing so she patted the child on the back and butt to calm her. She believes that she may have patted the child a little too hard which is what caused the bruising. Topp does state that she would not intentionally harm any child in her care and did not know she hurt the baby.

However, Topp now faces a felony charge of Child Abuse or Neglect.

Daycare Injury and Child Abuse Statistics

  • Daycare abuse account for about 4% of child abuse cases.
  • About 5.8 million kids are abused and 4% (232,000) of that occur in a daycare.
  • Babysitter offenses rarely result in death only injury.

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