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How to Know if Your Hospital is Safe

According to a study by John Hopkins, medical errors and mistakes result in 250,000 deaths in the United States every year, making it the third leading cause of death behind heart disease and cancer. The nonprofit organization The Leapfrog Group has assigned many hospitals a letter grade to indicate their safety and help patients make informed decisions about their health.

How to Check a Hospitals Letter Grade

To check a hospitals safety letter grade, patients simply need to visit hospitalsafetygrade.org and search for the hospital in questions.

Patients can search using the following criteria:

  • Hospital name
  • City and state
  • Zip code

Once a search inquiry is completed, patients can review hospitals’ overall letter grades, as well as breakdowns pertaining to infections, safety problems, practices to prevent errors, and surgical problems.

About the Leapfrog Group Letter Grades

  • There are no veteran, military, specialty, or surgical hospitals evaluated.
  • These grades come from surveys and information from the CMS and the American Hospital Association.
  • Hospitals graded with a D or F had a 92 percent higher chance of patients dying due to safety issues.
  • Even those at a C or B hospitals had an 88 to 35 percent greater risk than those at an A rated hospital.

Bad Letter Grades

Here’s the steps to take if you find your hospital has received a bad letter grade:

  • Have someone you trust keep an eye on you and what is going on around you because if something goes wrong they will be more likely to notice.
  • Make sure to speak up if you see anything that seems wrong to you or the person with you.
  • Ask staff to wash their hands if you do not see them do so.
  • Always bring a list of all your medications and make sure they are put into your chart to help avoid medicine related complications.
  • Be cautious about falls, if you need help moving around ask a nurse and do not attempt it yourself.

Even if your hospital has a good letter grade accidents can always happen so always be cautious.

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