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Millions of Recalled Takata Vehicles May Have To Be Recalled Again

Around 100 million Takata brand replacement airbags that are set to be installed in vehicles may have to have to be replaced. This was discovered after tests showed that 2.7 million of the replacement airbags were defective.

About the Defective Airbags

NBC News reports that the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration announced that the new replacement airbags from Takata were found to be defective.

The 2.7 million defective airbags that were tested and found to be defective contained a drying agent called calcium sulfate, and the others contained zeolite.

The issue is that moisture has been getting into Takata airbag inflators, and this causes a potentially lethal ammonium nitrate compound to be released.

Takata tried to remedy this problem by using a drying compound in the airbag inflators so it would lessen the possibility of the airbags exploding. However, experts are skeptical that this will solve this massive issue for the auto industry.

More Details on the Recall

Around 20 automakers have been affected by this recall including Honda, Toyota, and Nissan, who have stated that they will no longer be using Takata inflators.

According to Keiichi Hori, who oversees automotive safety components at the Japan Explosives Society, the compounds in the airbag replacements can reduce the chances of explosions, but it can’t eliminate the possibility of it occurring.

While the original Takata airbags killed at least 17 people and injured 180 others, the replacement airbags with the new drying agents haven’t been linked with any deaths or injuries.

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