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More Fatal Crashes Occur in Texas Oil- and Gas- Producing  Areas

Danielle Galvan, a 23-year-old aspiring fashion designer and model, was driving from her parents’ home to Dallas when her car, a Chevrolet Spark, crashed into the rear of a tractor-trailer that was attempting to reverse on U.S. 287 West in Wichita Falls, according to the Star Telegram.

The fiery wreck took away the life of Danielle on the evening of March 6, 2018. She left behind her two children and extended family in Hereford, southwest of Amarillo.

According to Corpus Christi Caller-Times, the motor crash happened on a highway connecting the busiest oil and gas producing areas of Texas to the drape population center to which Fort Worth and Dallas anchored.

Many Lives Lost in Texas’ Largest Oil and Gas Producing Areas

Like Danielle, 1,673 people lost their lives by motoring through one of the Texas’ top five most extensive oil and gas plays.

According to the owner of McClatchy Brothers, Richard Minnix, the biggest problem responsible for these accidents is distracted driving. However, TxDOT statistics show that the number one reason for the crashes in Texas remains speeding, though figures suggest that distracted driving is not far behind.

While Texas lawmaker were successful in banning cell phone use while driving in Texas, the crash rate actually multiplied the first year the law was enacted.

According to John Esparza, head of Texas Trucking Association, the trucks are not overly responsible for the wreck. He did not, however, that congestion on rural roads may be a contributing factor.

In short, the roads in rural Texas (where the majority of oil and gas production taking place) were not built to accommodate the level of traffic it is received today.

Statistics of Texas Oil Producing-Area Crashes

The number of traffic crashes that occurred in Texas’ oil and gas producing areas reveals how terrible the situation is.

In Permian Basin, America’s biggest producer of oil and gas, there have been over 1,321 serious injuries and 485 highway deaths in 2018 alone. The traffic crashes of the Permian Basin increased by 20% in 2018, coming off the back of a 13% increase back in 2017.

The next oil and gas producing area are the better urbanized Barnett Shale. This area, which covers Fort Worth and its environs, extends to the Wichita Falls Area. Back in 2018, there were over 710 fatalities and 3,400 severe injuries that happened in Barnett Shale.

In another region, Pecos (located about 200 miles east of El Paso), the oil-producing activities lead to unbelievable traffic jams on its two-lane blacktops leading inside and outside the town.

Development Strategies Aimed at Mitigating the Risk of Accidents

TxDOT is currently hosting a public education initiative known as “Be Safe…” targeting primarily energy-producing areas. The campaign entails specific warnings such as:

  • Do not talk or drive while you’re driving
  • Calculate the amount of traffic, road conditions, and weather, when estimating how fast to drive
  • Make sure you use your seat belts. This covers drivers and all passengers.
  • Obey traffic signals and rules
  • Make sure that you do not drive when influenced by drugs or alcohol.

Also, Mark Martinez, who is a worker at an oil and gas business, complained that the traffic jam issue in Pecos started barely four years ago. To reduce the risk of suffering the consequences of the traffic jams, Mark began to a Facebook page named West Texas Oil Field Traffic Update. The purpose of the Facebook page is to keep co-workers and friends abreast of traffic conditions that could slow their drive to their places of work.

Driver Who Caused Galvan’s Death Declared Guilty

Back in October, the driver who allegedly caused the accident that claimed the life of Danielle Galvan had been found guilty of manslaughter by the court.

The driver had made a tearful apology to the Galvan’s extended family after the jury handed down the verdict.

The guilty driver was mandated to serve 45 days in Wichita County Jail and also sentenced to two years imprisonment.

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