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New App Seeks to Curb Distracted Driving

Statistics gathered by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) suggests that nine people will die today because of distracted driving. Another 100 people will be injured by distracted drivers.

As technology has advanced, drivers face more and more distractions in the form of cell phones, tablets, touch screens, and GPS systems. Now, developers are looking at ways to use the same technology that cause distracted driving to combat it.

DriveWell Wants Drivers to Focus on Driving

According to reports, a new app called DriveWell will provide feedback to drivers with scores and map visualizations to help them identify where they displayed risky behaviors, including phone usage, speeding, and hard braking. Positive driving is promoted by having completive leaderboards and allowing responsible drivers to enter into contests with rewards.

The app was developed by Boston-based Cambridge Mobile Telematics (CMT) and uses some of the same technology as the companies behavior-based insurance telematics technology.

The technology in DriveWell originated when developers tried to track potholes in Boston. Cell phone sensor data installed in Taxi cabs was looked at as a way to determine the locations and severity of potholes on city roads; however, CMT quickly determined that their technology could be more beneficial as a way to track reckless and dangerous driving habits.

In 2016 and 2017, CMT created DriveWell Fleet and began working with commercial insurers to detect reckless driving by commercial and company vehicle drivers. CMT partnered with insurance companies  like State Farm and Liberty Mutual as a way to incentivize good driving.

The newest version of the app allows drivers to monitor their own behaviors and recognizes any improvements made by drivers to promote safer driving habits.

How Common Is Distracted Driving?

We all know that distracted driving is a regular occurrence. We see it every day. However, just how many distracted drivers are on the road at any given moment is troublesome.

According to data from Everquote, for every 11 miles driven, the average driver is on the phone for about half a mile. Additionally, while 96% of drivers surveyed said he or she was a safe driver, data from an app called Everdrive determined that 96% of all drivers also used their phones while driving at least once over the past 30 days.

Perhaps one of the major factors behind distracted driving is the feeling that a near immediate response to phone calls and text messages is necessary.

In another poll referenced by Fortune, about 55% of respondents said they feel they need to respond to a text message in 5 minutes or less. Just under one-quarter of respondents felt an immediate response was necessary.

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