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New Study Warns of Dangers of Backyard Trampolines

A backyard trampoline can provide hours of healthy, active play for your child. However, a new study warns that these products can also be dangerous, says a report from KMTV CBS.

About the Trampoline Injury Study

The new study was conducted by Dr. Randall T. Loder with the Indiana University School of Medicine after observing an influx of trampoline-related injuries. The study looked at injuries reports over a 10-year span from 100 hospitals nationwide. The results found:

  • Between 2002 and 2011, there were over 1 million trampoline-related injuries treated in emergency rooms resulting in $1 billion in medical costs.
  • 289,000 of those injuries were bone fractures, resulting in $400 million in medical costs.
  • The average age of those treated was nine.
  • 4% of the injuries treated were to the head, spine, ribs, and sternum. Those types of injuries were more commonly associated with older teens.
  • Elbow and knee fractures were two of the most common injuries treated.

The study also found that trampoline-related injuries peaked in 2004 with 110,000 injuries that year. Data from 2011 showed that injuries had dropped to only 80,000. One reason for the decrease in injuries is safety enclosures that are now standard with home trampolines.

Still, many people use backyard trampolines without safety enclosures, trampolines in disrepair or place trampolines on uneven surfaces. All of these things can increase the risk of injury.

Trampoline Safety Tips

Everyday Health provides the following trampoline safety tips:

  • Follow all of the manufacturer’s instructions including assembly instructions and maximum weigh limits.
  • Don’t allow children under six to use trampolines.
  • Only allow one child at a time to use the trampoline.
  • Set up trampolines on a cushioned surface away from objects such as fences, trees, and rocks. Adjust trampolines to the lowest height to minimize the distance of falls.

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