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What Not To Eat: 9 of the Biggest Food Recalls of 2016


Frozen Vegetables and Fruit

  • Items Recalled: CRF Frozen Foods Frozen Vegetable and Fruit Products and National Frozen Food Corp. Frozen Vegetable and Fruit Products.
  • # of Units Recalled: 350 products
  • Problem: In April, CRF Frozen Foods and National Frozen Food Corp. recalled over 350 products including 100 additional prepared food products ranging from blueberries to alcohol were recalled due to potential listeria contamination.
  • Additional Information: The FDA reported that nine people were hospitalized and three died because of the contaminated food.

Chicken Nuggets

  • Items Recalled: Pilgrim’s Pride Chicken Nuggets, Foster Poultry Farms Chicken Nuggets and Tyson’s Chicken Nuggets
  • # of Units Recalled: Approximately 5 million pounds
  • Problem: Customers reported finding pieces of plastic and other particles in the chicken.
  • Additional Information: Pilgrim’s Pride recalled 40,000 pounds of chicken nuggets in early April. Foster Poultry Farms recalled approximately 220,500 pounds of chicken nuggets at the end of April. Tyson recalled approximately 13,000 pounds of chicken nuggets in September.

Sunflower Seeds and Trail Mixes

  • Items Recalled: SunOpta Sunflower Seeds and Trail Mixes
  • # of Units Recalled: 100 products
  • Problem: In May, SunOpta recalled their sunflower seeds and trail mixes due to a possible listeria contamination.
  • Additional Information: SunOpta’s recall of their sunflower seeds and trail mixes triggered recalls for companies like General Mills and Nature Valley that used sunflower seeds as ingredients for their products.


  • Items Recalled: General Mills Flour
  • # of Units Recalled: 45 million pounds
  • Problem: General Mills recalled 45 million pounds of flour due to a possible E. coli contamination.
  • Additional Information: The FDA reported that 63 people in 24 states suffered the effects of E. coli. In July, the recall expanded to products that may have contained flour such as Marie Callender’s Biscuit Mixes and Betty Crocker Cake Mixes.
Hot Dogs and Corn Dogs
  • Items Recalled: Bar-S Chicken and Pork Hot Dogs and Corndogs
  • # of Units Recalled: 186 tons
  • Problem: The USDA announced a Class I, high-risk recall of 186 tons of Bar-S Chicken and Pork Hot Dogs as well as Corndogs.  
  • Additional Information: Although the company did not confirm the presence of listeria in their products, the company has had a history of dealing with the presence of listeria in their products in the past.
P.F. Chang’s Frozen Meals
  • Items Recalled: P.F. Chang’s Frozen Meals
  • # of Units Recalled: 200,000 pounds
  • Problem: ConAgra recalled over 200,000 pounds of frozen dinners in July after an employee noticed metal fragments ranging from 2 millimeters to 9 millimeters in diameter in the sugar used in the frozen dinners themselves.
  • Additional Information: The FDA reported that no consumers were harmed by consuming the frozen dinners.
Ice Cream
  • Items Recalled: Aspen Hills Cookie Dough Ice Cream
  • # of Units Recalled: 22,000 cases
  • Problem: Aspen Hills recalled over 22,000 cases of their Cookie Dough Ice Cream in October after they found that they were potentially contaminated by listeria.
  • Additional Information: 27 companies including Blue Bunny, Blue Bell, Cedar Crest, Chocolate Shoppe, Publix, and Nutrisystem also issued recalls of their products because they used the same cookie dough in their products.
  • Items Recalled: Taylor Farms Hummus
  • # of Units Recalled: Unknown
  • Problem: Taylor Farms issued a massive hummus recall just before Thanksgiving due to the presence of listeria found in their products at a manufacturing facility.
  • Additional Information: Bakkavor also issued a recall of their hummus in early December due to concerns of a possible listeria contamination.
  • Items Recalled: National Steak and Chicken’s chicken products
  • # of Units Recalled: 2 million pounds
  • Problem: The USDA initially announced a recall of over 17,000 pounds of National Steak and Chicken’s chicken products in November due a customer complaint that the product appeared to be undercooked.
  • Additional Information: 17,000 pounds increased to 2,000,000 pounds when the company expanded the recall to pre-cooked chicken with everything ranging from cubed chicken to chicken strips.

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