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I Didn’t Notice My Injuries Until After a Car Accident. What Now?

injuries after a car accident

Some people suffer significant injuries during a motor vehicle accident that are obvious and immediately noticeable, such as bone fractures, lacerations, or bruising. However, many injuries may not be as evident, especially right after a crash. Swelling and other effects from trauma do not appear for hours or sometimes days after the accident. Maybe you felt fine initially, but now you are wondering how to proceed after noticing injuries later. This article will outline this situation and provide an explanation of your legal rights for when you realize the full extent of your injuries following a car accident.

Initial Steps Following an Accident

Broken bones and deep lacerations after a crash tend not to go unnoticed. However, it can take a day or two before injuries surface. There are some steps you can take to protect yourself. After any car accident, the first thing you should do is ensure passengers of both vehicles are safe. Next, contact the authorities for proper documentation. While you await their arrival, you should take any pictures of the scene you can.

Get a Thorough Medical Evaluation

When authorities arrive, cooperate fully with their instructions. This advice includes allowing medical personnel to examine you for injuries. An EMT may be able to detect soft tissue injuries or other damages from a collision that you might not perceive. Follow up on the initial on-site medical evaluation with a visit to your primary care physician within a few days. This assessment will provide a thorough review of your sustained injuries after an auto accident.

Find the Right Car Accident Attorney in Corpus Christi

While dealing with the immediate aftermath of an accident, you may be in a state of shock, preventing you from thinking clearly about the legal or medical ramifications of the incident. After documenting the accident in detail and cooperating with authorities, you need to contact a qualified attorney in the area where the accident occurred. There may be local laws dictating precise nuances in the regulations that apply to your situation. While you might not be aware of these intricacies, an experienced attorney will know how to approach the case to get you full compensation for the accident, as well as any related soft tissue injuries.

Hire a Car Accident Attorney in San Antonio

At Thomas J. Henry, the largest personal injury law firm in Texas, our attorneys understand Texas motor vehicle liability laws and stand ready to protect your rights. Whether you live in San Antonio, Corpus Christi, or elsewhere in Texas, Thomas J. Henry can assist you through the entire legal process, start to finish. Our attorneys will fight tirelessly to get you full compensation for your injuries, including medical expenses, lost wages, and pain and suffering. Whether you noticed your injuries immediately or not, call the Thomas J. Henry Law firm today at 866-517-5659 for a free case review.

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