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One Dead, Eight Injured After Carbon Monoxide Leak at Apartment Building

ambulance with emergency lights

According to KPRC2, an elderly man died and eight other residents were hospitalized due to a carbon monoxide leak at an apartment building in Houston, Texas on Saturday morning.

Building Evacuated during Investigation

Officials say a 78-year-old succumbed to carbon monoxide poisoning after being exposed at the Aberdeen apartments in southwest Houston. Eight other people who live in the building were taken to the hospital for treatment. The fire department responded to calls at around 11:43 a.m. to a possible leak.

The apartment complex spokesperson said only residents in building four of the apartment were affected by the leak. All residents in the building were evacuated as officials determined the cause of the leak.

Residents said some people were sick and vomiting before calling emergency crews, reports KPRC2. The apartment manager notified residents of the issue and the need to vacate until further notice. In addition, the apartment spokesperson said they are trying to find places for displaced residents to stay until they are allowed to reenter.

Negligent Property Owners and Premises Liability

When a property owner neglects to keep their property or properties safe, they are endangering you and those around you.  No one should worry about being injured when going about their daily lives.

Premises liability holds business owners, city governments, and property owners liable for injuries that occur on their properties including matters of negligent maintenance or unsafe premises. Thomas J. Henry has handled and continues to handle numerous premises liability cases.

Examples of incidents caused by negligence include:

  • Lead poisoning
  • Carbon monoxide poisoning
  • Building collapse
  • Electrocutions
  • Exposure to toxic chemicals
  • Slips and falls

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