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One Minute Miracle Recalls Supplements Containing Undeclared Ingredients

One Minute Miracle is voluntarily recalling Miracle Diet 30 capsules and Miracle Rock 48 capsules due to the presence of undeclared phenolphthalein and undeclared thiosildenafil, respectively.

About the One Minute Miracle Recall

A U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) analysis has revealed that these dietary supplements contain undeclared drug products, making them unapproved drugs.

  • Miracle Diet 30 has been found to contain undeclared phenolphthalein which is an ingredient that was once used for over the counter laxatives. It was removed from the market because it was believed to contain carcinogenic properties. There is also a high probability that this drug has other adverse long-term effects.
  • Miracle Rock 48 has been found to contain undeclared thiosildenafil is very similar in chemical structure to sildenafil which is an approved drug used for male sexual enhancement. Because of the extreme similarity, thiosildenafil is believed to have the same pharmacological effects as sildenafil. It was found that using nitrates and this dietary supplement simultaneously could cause life-threatening drops in blood pressure.

Description of Miracle Diet 30 and Miracle Rock 48

  • Miracle Diet 30 capsules are marketed as dietary supplements that are meant to suppress appetite and encourage weight loss.
    • The capsules are packaged in 30-count plastic bottles and all effected bottles have an expiration date of 4/15/2018
    • The product was distributed via internet in the U.S.A.
    • Miracle Rock 48 capsules are marketed as dietary supplements that are meant for male sexual enhancement.
      • They are packaged in two blistered packages of 2-count capsules, with 4 capsules in each box. All effected bottles have an expiration date of 6/01/2018
      • The One Minute Miracle is notifying consumers via U.S. Postal Service and is arranging for return of recalled products.
Other One Minute Miracle Withdrawn from Market

The One Minute Miracle has also agreed to withdraw the following products from the market:

  • Miracle Cholesterol
  • Miracle Night Time
  • Miracle Joint-Flex
  • Miracle Stud 72
  • Miracle Magic Man
  • Male Mint Gum, Miracle 48 Hrs
  • Miracle Magic Woman
  • Miracle Cougar
  • Miracle Cougar Gum
  • Miracle Cougar G-Spot
  • Miracle G-Spot, Vagina Rejuvenation
  • Miracle Anti-Wrinkle, Miracle Stud Delay
  • Miracle Male Stud Spray, Miracle Male Stud Coffee
  • Miracle Male Coffee
  • Male 10
  • Miracle Male Stud Sublingual
  • Male 72 Hr
  • Miracle Tongue Sublingual
  • Miracle Tongue and Master Blaster

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