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Orlando Daycare Ordered to Shut Down after Hot Car Death

A daycare center in Orlando, Florida is being closed down due to the fact that a three-year-old child was left in a van by a daycare employee and died.

More Information on the Tragic Death

Reuters reports that Myles Hill was left in a van by a daycare employee with the outside temperature being around 93 degrees Fahrenheit.

If his autopsy shows that being left in the hot van is what surely killed him, then he will be the 32nd child in the United States to die in a hot car incident this year.

The person responsible for the child’s death worked at Little Miracles daycare, and was fired by owner Audrey Thornton.

Thornton personally knew the parents of the Myles Hill for years, and said that she was “devastated” and would try to get her daycare opened up again.

No charges were filed against the driver of the van, and police have said that the investigation in ongoing.

Hot Car Death Statistics

The following facts and statistics were provided by Kidsandcars.org and Noheatstroke.org:

  • Of parents of children who have died of vehicular heatstroke, 54.25% have done so unknowingly.
  • A total of 87% of children who have died of vehicular heatstroke were 3 years of age or younger, and 54% were age one or under.
  • On average, 37 children die each year to due heatstroke from being left in a hot car.
  • Children can die of heatstroke in a car in temperatures as low as 60 degrees Fahrenheit.

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