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Paralyzed Woman Sues Uber & Honda for Injuries

A Dallas woman who sustained catastrophic injuries in a 2015 collision has filed a lawsuit against Uber and Honda.

Details on the Uber Crash

24-year-old Sarah Milburn took an Uber on November 15, 2015. According to police reports, the Uber driver, operating a Honda Odyssey, ran a red light at the intersection of McKinney and Fitzhugh Avenue and was struck by a Ford F-150.

The Honda Odyssey flipped over. Richard DeLeon, the driver of the Ford pickup, fled the scene of the crash.

Everyone in the Honda Odyssey avoided injury except for Milburn. According to the Dallas Morning News report, Milburn suffered significant spinal injuries is now a quadriplegic, paralyzed from mid-chest and on.

About the Uber Lawsuit

Milburn and her family sued Uber, Honda, the Uber driver, and the owner of the van the Uber driver drove.

The lawsuit was filed on the premise that Uber and Honda did not ensure the safety of their passengers/customers and due to their negligence, Milburn faces permanent life altering injuries and daily challenges.

The details of the lawsuit address the owner of the vehicle being uninsured and that Uber should be more cognizant about the employees hired. According to the lawsuit and media accounts, the owner of the vehicle, Dawood Kohistanti, and the Uber driver, Arian Yusufzai, have previous misdemeanor charges.

Life after the Crash

The Dallas Morning News reports that Milburn is under the care of her parents and is on 22 pills per day. She now has movement in her hands and arms.

Milburn is able to complete some daily activities such as: brushing her hair, texting, and installing her own contacts.

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