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Picking Proper Safety Equipment for the Coming Solar Eclipse

There’s a lot of excitement across the country for the coming solar eclipse that will take place on August 21st, but there has also been a lot of deceptive and false advertising for eclipse glasses, which may injure some viewers.

Problematic Glasses Advertising

As people have been gearing up for the eclipse, so have companies that are selling “eclipse glasses” with a seal of approval from the International Organization for Standardization,  which sets standards for safety products. The problem, however, is that many brands are saying that their products have been approved by this organization when in fact they have not.

This has caused concern for the American Astronomical Society (AAS), and they have revised previous advice they had sent out about eclipse glasses because of this false advertising by many companies.

AAS spokesperson Rick Fienberg told the Tribune-Review that the problem is mostly with online vendors of glasses that don’t protect against things such as UV rays that can be harmful.

Suggested Consumer Action

The AAS Solar Eclipse Task Force has created a list of reputable glasses vendors as to make sure that people stay safe and don’t damage their eyesight while viewing the coming solar eclipse.

Viewers are always advised to check their glasses before looking at an eclipse to make sure that there aren’t any scratches or other defects. Doing so ensures that no harmful rays penetrate your eyes and cause vision issues.

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