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Political Donor Sued Over Fatal Overdose

Ed buck, a political activist, has faced a wrongful death lawsuit Tuesday.

About the Drug Overdose Incident

Ed Buck, a political activist, faced a lawsuit Tuesday regarding the drug related death of a young man. Investigators discovered the death of the young man was caused by a fatal dose of crystal methamphetamine, reports NBC News.

The young man, Gemmel Moore, wrote in his personal journal that Buck had introduced him to the drug my injecting him with it. The lawsuit accuses Buck with assault, sexual battery,  battery, negligence, civil rights violation, hate violence, wrongful death, and drug dealer liability. A statement provided by Buck’s attorney, “On behalf of Mr. Buck we categorically deny all allegations of wrongdoing and look forward to litigating this matter in a court of law.”

The investigation also covers many accounts of other young black men who were forcibly injected with the drug.

Symptoms of Drug Overdose

Overdose symptoms can come in many different forms, but in many cases, these general symptoms appear. Keep your loved ones safe.

  • Clammy hands: Certain drugs can often make your body heat up
  • Trouble breathing: Certain Drug Sea affect your respiratory system
  • Nausea: Unprescribed medicine can often cause an upset stomach
  • Dizziness: Drugs can affect your equilibrium

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