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Portales Daycare Owners on Trial for Child Abuse in Hot Car Case

The two owners of a Portales, New Mexico daycare are on trial for leaving two children in a hot car in July 2017.

Daycare Owners Accused of Child Abuse

According to Everything Lubbock, the mother and daughter owners of the day care, 67-year-old Mary Taylor and 31-year-old Sandi Taylor, left two young girls in the back of a daycare van in the heat of the summer.

The two children, Maliyah Jones and Aubrey Loya, both under the age of 2, suffered  heat-related illnesses. Loya was left with brain damage while Jones ultimately died of heatstroke.

Defense Team Says it Was an Accident

The Taylors’ defense team argues the two daycare owners were unloading children from a company van but overlooked Jones and Loya who were still strapped into safety seats, resulting in a tragic accident.

Hot Car Deaths on the Rise

According to The Weather Channel, 42 children died in hot car deaths nationwide by September 2018, outpacing the yearly average. The state of Texas accounts for 15% of all hot car child deaths in the U.S., the highest in the nation.

Car Safety and Children Facts

The following facts and statistics were provided by Kidsandcars.org and Noheatstroke.org:

  • Of parents of children who have died of vehicular heatstroke, 54.25% have done so unknowingly.
  • A total of 87% of children who have died of vehicular heatstroke were 3 years of age or younger, and 54% were age one or under.
  • On average, 37 children die each year to due heatstroke from being left in a hot car.
  • Children can die of heatstroke in a car in temperatures as low as 60 degrees Fahrenheit.

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