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How to Reduce Drunk Driving: Limit Teens’ Saturday Night Driving

According to Reuters Health, drunk driving is the cause of one in four car crash fatalities for children, teens, and young adults. These accidents typically occur on the weekends, so it’s suggested that teenagers’ driving is monitored during the weekend in order to reduce crash fatalities.

Teen Driving Statistics

In their study, researchers examined crashes that occurred from 2000 to 2013 involving at least one driver that had a blood alcohol level of at least 0.08%. It only takes more than one alcoholic beverage within an hour to go over the legal 0.08% blood alcohol limit.

Researchers report that there were 84,756 car crashes among people 20 years old and younger. Out of the crashes 23,757 of them involved drunk driving.

73% of individuals that are killed in these crashes were males of at least 18 years in age.

100 Point Scale for Restrictive Driving

Researchers have come up with a study to score each state on a 100 point scale in order to discover which states have the most effective restrictive legal environment for drunk driving.

The restrictive legal environment includes having effective laws in place such as restricting the hours for alcohol sales, limiting when teens are able to drive, or the amount of passengers that are in the car.  Scores ranged from 24 in Iowa to 75 in Utah.

The data conducted in the research was flawed due to the fact that researchers were unable to assess how well laws are enforced.

According to Dr. Beth Ebel of the University of Washington and Seattle Children’s Hospital the results of the study suggest that states can prevent alcohol related fatalities by enforcing police forces to tighten up on drunk driving.

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