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Road Safety Tips for Cyclists

With warm weather returning, many cyclists are eager to get back on the roads. Whether you are new to cycling or a seasoned veteran, take a moment to review the following safety tips to ensure each of your trips are safe and enjoyable.

  1. Position on the Road

Cyclists should stay on the right-side of the road and never against traffic. Use a bike lane whenever possible. If there is not bike lane, ride about three feet from the edge of the road – this can help increase your visibility. If a car is parked on the right side of the road or in the bike lane, pass on their left but only after checking for approaching traffic.

  1. Lights and Reflective Materials

Riding with a front and rear light is essential for evening or early morning rides. Using a flashing red light on the back of your bike and a solid white light on the front will alert other vehicles to your presence. Bright colors and reflective materials can also enhance your visibility on the road.

  1. Be Cautious at Intersections

The majority of accidents involving cyclists occur at intersections. When approaching an intersection, move to the appropriate lane for the direction you want to go. Make eye contact with motorists to ensure they have seen you. Also, remember to heed all traffic signals.

  1. Ride Single File

When riding with others, ride in a single file with space between bikes.

  1. Be Alert

Always be alert when riding your bike. This means no headphone and no distractions. Additionally, keep you head up when riding. You need to see what is coming so you can identify potential hazards and react in a timely manner.

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