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Safety Tips to Keep Your Home, Loved Ones, and Self Secure This Winter

As the end of the year draws near and winter weather rapidly approaches, staying warm and being cautious in these harsh conditions is critical. This post will highlight some helpful tips to keep your possessions and people surrounding you safe through the cold.

 1. Wear protective layers of clothing.

  • Layers that trap heat such as wool, nylon, or thermal
  • Wind resistant outside barrier coats
  • Cover exposed skin including the face, head, and hands
  • Avoid cotton as it retains moisture from snow
  • Wear underclothing such as leggings or stockings underneath pants

2. Protect Pets by Keeping Them Indoors at All Cost

  • Pets can suffer cold related illnesses such as hypothermia if left unattended in snowstorms or extremely low temperatures
  • Dress pets in warm layers such as sweaters if taken outdoors
  • Keep pet paws warm with towels or booties
  • Always stock the home with extra food and supplies

3. Keep Pipes within the Home Warm

  • Use a space heater, hair dryer, electrical heat holding tape, or warming station near pipes

4. Tend to Large Household Appliances and Outdoor Possessions Through Monitoring and Maintenance

  • Try not to store liquids in glass containers within a refrigerator
  • Pay attention to the temperature within the fridge and the temperature of oncoming water
  • Add non-freezing automotive windshield wash solutions to dishwashers and washing machines
  • Test carbon monoxide detectors
  • Attain an engine heater and extra battery for car

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