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5 Valentine’s Day Safety Tips

Staff Writer6 months ago

Whether you plan to celebration with a special someone, a group of friends, or on you own, Thomas J. Henry wants you to enjoy a safe and fun Valentine’s Day. Here are a few tips to ensure your Valentine’s Day celebrations go well.

  1. Practice Food Safety When Cooking Your Valentine’s Day Dinner

Before you begin prepping your meal, make sure all of your food was properly stored. Poorly stored foods are a breeding ground for harmful bacteria. You should also thoroughly wash your hands before handling any ingredients – spread the love, not germs.

If your Valentine’s Day dinner involves meat, keep any and all uncooked meats away from other foods to prevent cross contamination.

  1. Check Your Chocolates

If your receive chocolates, candy, or any other Valentine’s Day delight, do a quick Google search to make sure they have not been recalled. There have been multiple food and candy recalls over the past few weeks, such as one for certain Bauer’s Candies that were potentially exposed to hepatitis A contamination.

  1. Be Prepared for Busy Streets

While some couples choose a night in, others will be going out to the movies and their favorite restaurants. Valentine’s Day is among the busiest in the restaurant industry, and that means more cars on the road.

Plan for a little extra drive time as traffic and congestion will likely mean delays. Stress is a distraction and can lead to reckless or even aggressive driving.

  1. Easy on the Alcohol

If you plan on drinking alcohol, do so in moderation. Do not drink and drive or let others drink and drive. If you plan on drinking, consider designating a driver or making use of Uber or Lyft.

  1. Know Who You Are Shopping For

Remember, your Valentine may have allergies, asthma, diabetes, or other health conditions. A good way to demonstrate how much you care is to be considerate of your valentine by finding out if certain foods, flowers, pets, stuffed animals, or anything else might affect his or her health.


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