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Samsung Snuffs Out Galaxy Note 7, Ends Production Permanently


According to the Wall Street Journal, Samsung Electronics Co. is ceasing production and sale of the Galaxy Note 7 smartphone.

Consumers Urged to Stop Using Device

Samsung’s decision to extinguish the latest installment of the Galaxy Note series comes on the heels of the initial recall of the device. Replacement Galaxy Note 7 devices provided by Samsung as part of the recall malfunctioned as well.

On October 5, a Southwest Airlines flight had to be evacuated after a passenger’s replacement Galaxy Note 7 started to smoke and catch fire while on the runway, according to the Wall Street Journal.

Since the September 2 recall of 2.5 million phones, not much has gone right for Samsung and the recalled device. In addition to the Southwest flight evacuation, there have been multiple reports of replacement devices having similar meltdowns as the recalled devices. The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) had previously issued a statement urging Galaxy Note 7 users to keep the phone off during flights.

Financial and Brand Damage

The decision to take the Galaxy Note 7 off the market was perhaps only a matter of time. According to the Wall Street Journal, Samsung could be looking at several billion dollars in losses over the next three months. There is also the Samsung and Galaxy Note brands to consider – how much long term damage has been inflicted by the embattled smartphone?

According to one analyst, Samsung should consider stopping the Galaxy Note series completely to protect the brand, reports the Wall Street Journal.

Samsung issued a statement asking Galaxy Note 7 users to cease use of their phone and to turn it in, offering sincere apologies for the trouble their newest phone has caused.

Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Recall Facts
  • Reports of Galaxy Note 7 phones catching fire or exploding start arising in August 2016.
  • In early September, Samsung initiates a recall on 2.5 million Galaxy Note 7 devices, citing faulty batteries.
  • Following soon after the recall, the FAA urges flight passengers to power down their device and stop charging Galaxy Note 7 devices while on a plane.
  • In late September, replacement Galaxy Note 7s are sent out, but just as quickly, reports surface of replacement device batteries overheating and losing battery power.
  • Four days after the Southwest flight incident, major wireless phone carriers stop providing Galaxy Note 7 smartphones to replace their customers’ recalled ones.
  • On October 11, Samsung announces the complete discontinuation of the Galaxy Note 7.

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