San Antonio Man Receives Life Sentence for Fatal Accident

The San Antonio Express-News reports that a Bexar County jury has sentenced David Rodriguez to life in prison for his role in a fatal car crash in San Antonio.

Two Dead in Fatal San Antonio Accident

  • Testimony began last week after Rodriguez pleaded not guilty to murder for causing a fatal accident which left two young children dead – Wesley Maspero, 1, and Walter Maspero, 3.
  • According to reports, Rodriguez was fleeing San Antonio police with 400 pounds of marijuana in his car when he collided head on with a Volvo station wagon carrying two adults and three children.
  • The mother of the children and the two children that survived, a 4-year-old and a 3-month-old, were haloed to University Hospital while their father, who was thrown from the vehicle, was rushed via ambulance to a nearby hospital.
  • The prosecution argued that Rodriguez should be convicted of murder as, even if he had not intended to hurt anyone, he caused the deaths of the two children in the course of committing other felonies.
  • The defense argued that the undercover officers who were in pursuit of Rodriguez were solely his attorney alleged that they had failed to follow proper protocol.

Driver Sentenced to Life in Prison

  • Jurors found Rodriguez guilty of murder for the death of Wesley Maspero Friday, and his sentencing hearing was held Tuesday.
  • The prosecution pressed for the maximum sentence of life in prison, and the jurors obliged, entering their decision after only one hour of deliberation.
  • The life sentence is only for the death of Wesley. Murder charges for the death of Walter are still pending.
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