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Severe Weather Results in 81-Vehicle Pileup in Ohio

Multiple injuries have been reported following a massive 81-vehicle pileup on Interstate 71 in central Ohio.

Details of the Massive Ohio Pileup

According to FOX News, the accident occurred on Tuesday about 40 miles northeast of Columbus.

State Highway Patrol said at least 11 commercial vehicles were involved in the wreck, including at least one semi-truck which overturned onto its side.

Officials say a snow squall in the area undoubtedly contributed to the severity of the incident, causing white-out conditions for drivers. A man at the scene described visibility under 20 feet.

The highway was closed for several hours, and police had to drive against traffic in order to reach the scene.

Breakdown of Fatal Motor Vehicle Crash Statistics

In 2016, there was an increase of fatalities in nearly every segment of the population.

  • Passenger vehicle (cars, light trucks) occupant fatalities totaled 23,714 (4.7 percent increase)
    • Highest total since 2008
  • Motorcyclist fatalities totaled 5,286 (5.1 percent increase)
    • Highest total since 2008
  • Pedestrian fatalities totaled 5,987 (9 percent increase)
    • Highest total since 1990
  • Pedalcyclist fatalities totaled 840 (1.3 percent increase)
    • Highest total since 1991

Crashes involving large trucks in 2016 resulted in 4,317 fatalities, 83.3 percent of which were occupants of other vehicles or nonoccupants.

Several segments of human choice-related fatal crashes also saw an increase in 2016.

  • Fatalities in crashes involving drunk drivers totaled 10,497 (1.7 percent increase)
  • Speeding-related crash fatalities totaled 10,111 (4 percent increase)

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