Soccer-Related Concussions Among High School Students Rising

A study on concussions among high school soccer players published in the British Journal of Sports Medicine on December 28, 2016 found that concussion rates for youth players have increased in recent decades.

Findings of the High School Soccer Concussions Study

According to Reuters, the study leader was Dr. Morteza Khodaee, a sports medicine researcher at the University of Colorado School of Medicine.

Researchers examined data from High Schools from 2005 to 2014. The researchers looked at injuries per minute of athletic exposure. Both practices and competitions were included.

It was determined that concussions increased among male and female players.

There were 2.06 injuries per 1,000 athletic exposures and 0.35 concussions per 1,000 athletic exposures.

The most common injuries were ligament sprains, accounting for 30% of injuries. Concussions accounted for about 18% of injuries.

Injuries were more common in competitions than during practice.

Limitations on Findings of High School Soccer Concussions Study

  • It is unclear whether the significant rise in concussion rates documented is due to actual increase in concussions or just better recognition by coaches and medical staff
  • Not all schools in the U.S. contributed data to be analyzed.
  • Researchers did not have data on how many minutes individual players spent playing the sport, forcing them to calculate injury rates based on total minutes of play for teams.
  • This left them unable to match injury rates with how much time athletes spend on the field.

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