Study Links Memory Loss to Unconsciousness Caused by Concussion

According to Reuters, a study of retired National Football League (NFL) players shows that if players lose consciousness after a concussion, they may suffer from memory loss when they are older.

Details of the Concussion Study

The study focused solely on the fact that unconsciousness following a concussion hindered memory abilities, not the individual risk factors of those affected.

During their study, the researchers compared 28 retired NFL players to 27 people who had not played football but fell into similar age, educations, and mental categories. Several subjects from both groups had been diagnosed with mild cognitive impairment.

After conducting several tests, researchers discovered participants who had lost consciousness after a concussion were more likely to develop mild cognitive impairment and brain atrophy in later years. Further, those who had suffered mild cognitive impairment were more likely to experience memory loss.

Concussion Statistics

  • 33% of all sports concussions happen in practices.
  • 39% of cumulative concussions are shown to increase the risk of head injuries that cause permanent neurological damage.
  • 90% of concussions do not involve loss of consciousness.
  • 4 to 5 million concussions are diagnosed every year.

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