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Study: Texas Drivers Ranked Fourth-Most Aggressive in United States

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If you drive on Texas roadways, you certainly encounter aggressive drivers daily. Whether on a road trip, a morning commute to work, or a drive home in the evening, aggressive driving is a common (and unsafe) practice no matter where you live.

It may come to no surprise to Texas motorists that the Lone Star State was ranked fourth in the country in aggressive drivers.

The study conducted by GasBuddy, a smartphone app that helps travelers find ideal stops for gas, bathrooms, and coffee, gathered data from the app’s Trips feature. This feature assesses driving habits during an app user’s trip, allowing them to improve fuel efficiency by identifying poor driving habits.

According to GasBuddy, an aggressive driving habit included speeding up, hard braking, and accelerating. States were ranked based on the number of minutes between an aggressive driving event recorded by the Trips feature.

California (6.6 minutes), Connecticut (8.2 minutes), and Georgia (8.2 minutes) were the only states with more aggressive drivers than Texas, according to GasBuddy.

The study revealed that drivers in states with more densely populated cities and higher levels of traffic congestion logged more aggressive driving behaviors. For example, the time between aggressive driving events in number one ranked California (6.6 minutes) is vastly less than that of 50th-ranked Alaska (29 minutes).

Driving Less Aggressively Can Save Gas… and Lives!

Speeding, rapid acceleration, and hard braking can take a significant toll on your gas and fuel economy, costing nearly $500 per month. These aggressive driving habits, according to GasBuddy, can lower gas mileage by as much as 40 percent. The price to fill up will only continue to increase as summer approaches.

In addition to preserving the contents of your bank account, cutting back on aggressive driving habits can make you and other drivers safer.

Other aggressive driving habits include unsafe passing or lane changing, tailgating, and failing to follow posted traffic signs. Coupled with other dangerous driving behaviors, such as driving distracted or drunk, aggressive driving can lead to serious auto accidents and catastrophic injuries.

Hit by an Aggressive Driver? Contact an Attorney Today

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