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Summertime Is a Dangerous Time for Teenage Drivers – How to Prevent Disaster

Summertime dramatically increases the risk of deadly car crashes for teenage drivers, according to officials. How can we keep them safe on the roads?

Dangerous Days for Teen Drivers

As teenage drivers take to the roads this summer, eager to use their new freedom, they must stay vigilant and avoid distractions that could cause an accident—especially during the busy days following Memorial Day.

According to Ford Motor Co., the first 100 days between Memorial Day and Labor Day are some of the most dangerous to teenage drivers.

In fact, the AAA calls these days the 100 deadliest days because of a 15% increase in the deadly crash average for teenage drivers during this time.

This dramatic increase in automotive crashes also increases the activity of first responders and healthcare professionals who have to deal with these emergencies, making this time their busiest time of the year.

Main Reason for Teen Car Crashes

Most car crashes involving teenage drivers happen because of the driver’s inexperience.

Teenage drivers are not used to spending long amounts of time behind the wheel. The longer they drive, the more likely they are to become tired or distracted.

Preventing Teen Car Crashes

Professionals suggest that parents teach their teenagers to use safe driving principles. Parents should make sure their teenagers are comfortable operating their vehicles and know how to properly conduct themselves while driving.

Parents are also encouraged to check the vehicles their teenagers will be using to make sure they are working properly. They should also provide their teenagers with family phone numbers to contact in case of an emergency.

Safety Tips for Teen Drivers

Information below provided by WJAC:

  • Buckle up
  • Limit passengers
  • Avoid distractions
  • Reduce night driving
  • Be mindful of construction zones
  • Know the roads
  • Never drive while drowsy, impaired, or intoxicated

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