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Taking a Proactive Approach to Your Child’s Daycare

Daycares are essential to a parent’s life with children typically spend a large amount of time at these facilities. As such, it serves every parent to understand the rules and regulations that daycares are expected to follow.

12 News looked into the laws that govern how daycares operate, and produced a list of components that parents should be aware of.

General ADHS Licensing Information

Child care facilities that are licensed by the government are inspected frequently to ensure compliance with health and safety regulatory requirements. These procedures are executed through:

  • Homes providing daycare services should undergone safety and health inspections twice a year, and daycare centers and schools should be inspected once a year. Additional inspections may occur following past violations.
  • Complaints do carry weight and are investigated.
  • Training requirements must be met for each staff member
  • Fingerprinting, CPR, first aid, supervision, staff to child ratio, and indoor/outdoor safety are the components necessary to maintain health and safety regulations

What to be Cognizant of When in Search of Child Care

  • Visit the facility
  • Observe staff and child interaction
  • Determine if your child’s specific needs would be met by the facility
  • Check to see if the facility is licensed by the state, look for a displayed license.
  • Check reviews on the facility. The website includes all information on the facility, such as surveys and any documented violations.

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