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Tesla Faces Another “Autopilot” Car Crash

tesla crash

According to Automotive News, Mark Molthan, a Texas resident, stated that the Autopilot mode on his Tesla Model S led him off the road, which caused him to crash into a guardrail.

Details of the Tesla Autopilot Accident

Molthan admitted that he was not paying attention, but claimed he trusted that the Autopilot would work as it had done before. Molthan reached into the glove box to get a cloth and started cleaning the dashboard just seconds before the collision.

According to an  August 7th police report, the car had failed to navigate a bend on Highway 175 in rural Kaufman, Texas, which caused the car to hit the cable guardrail multiple times.

Molthan mentioned that he used Autopilot many times on that stretch of the highway, but now he feels like it gives drivers a false sense of security and can be very dangerous. He also mentioned that the car actually continued to accelerate after the first impact into the guardrail.

Molthan’s crash highlights the challenges facing drivers involved in semi-autonomous vehicle accidents.

Tesla Semi-Autonomous Vehicles Involved in Previous Accidents

According to Automotive News, about 35,000 people were killed in United States auto accidents in 2015. Human error accounts for 94 percent of these accidents.

Tesla has been in the spotlight since there was a fatal accident on May 7th in Florida.

After non-fatal accidents in Montana and Pennsylvania, Consumer Reports push Tesla to make changes that would require drivers keep their hands on the steering wheel. Tesla was also pressed change the feature’s name to prevent any confusion.

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