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Video Shows Austin Preschool Allowing Children to Fight

The director of Austin’s Greenwood School is under fire after two video clips were released to the press showing preschool age children fighting while two adults stand by.

Austin News Station Receives Video of School’s “Kiddie Fight Club”

KVUE reports that it received the clips – titled “Kiddie Fight Club” – shows children shoving each other while at least two adults stand by. The fight was actually the school director’s idea, according to a letter that was sent to parents.

In the letter, Director Tracy Shagen admitted his mistake saying, “I really thought there would be one shove or slap, and we would all apologize and go inside for a story.” She continued by saying she was attempting to “un-teach that fighting is a fun game and that hurting others is ok.”

Parents say that at least one child was injured, but details about the possible injuries have not been released.

The Texas Department of Family and Protective Services (DFPS) is holding an investigation and the Texas Health and Human Services, a separate agency, has noted nine previous deficiencies at The Greenwood School over the past three years.

Avoiding Daycare and Preschool Abuse

The characteristics of daycare abuse stretch from neglect on one end of the spectrum to physical or sexual abuse on the other end. There are several warning signs that parents should look out for if they suspect that their child may be the victim of some type of abuse. Physical signs of abuse may not have as significant long-term damage to the child as psychological signs, but are usually the easiest to detect. Physical signs can include cuts and bruises. Bruising around the wrists, ankles, neck, or buttocks are red flag areas, as these are not areas usually bruised in normal childhood falls. If you suspect child daycare abuse do not hesitate to contact a daycare abuse lawyer.

There are also psychological signs of daycare abuse to keep an eye out for in the daycare setting. Simply put, changes in behavior are significant in showing that the child is being subjected to some sort of emotional abuse. Examples include:

  • Mood changes – a previously outgoing child suddenly becomes shy and withdrawn.
  • Fear or crying in response to an innocent hand gesture (think “give me a high five”).
  • Age-inappropriate knowledge or interest in sexual matters should not be ignored.

Contact an Experienced Child Injury Attorney

If your child has been injured after an accident or abuse at a daycare center, contact Thomas J. Henry. Parents put their trust in the staff of a daycare facility to keep their children safe and out of harm’s way. It is unacceptable for a child to be subjected to abuse or an unsafe premises while in their care. If your child was seriously injured due to the negligence or abusive actions of daycare staff, call our experienced child injury attorneys today. Thomas J. Henry has the legal and financial resources necessary to develop your child’s case properly. Call for a free case review.

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