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Viral Video Sparks Conversation on Wall Anchoring Furniture

A dangerous accident involving a family in Utah, whose 2-year-old son was trapped under a fallen dresser until rescued by his twin, has inspired increased awareness for home-safety for children.

About the Utah Incident

A dresser fell on top of a 2-year-old boy who was rescued by his twin brother who, after a small struggle, managed to push the shelf enough for his brother to free himself.

Kali Shoff, mother to the twins, released a tape of the incident that happened to be caught on the babycam to raise awareness for the potential danger of unsecured dressers or cabinets.

How to Wall-Anchor Furniture

KSHB News explains that hardback furniture can be fastened by drilling a hole into the wall then securing the furniture to the wall with a lag bolt and bit. It is suggested that this be repeated for all corners of the furniture as needed.

Flimsy back furniture can be fastened with an L bracket. Anchors and furniture straps are also sold at most hardware stores.

John McCarthy, a member of Charlie’s House which was founded by parents of a child lost to a tipping furniture accident, claims that 24,000 kids per year visit the emergency room due to tip-overs.

He also states that around one child dies every two weeks due to a tip over.

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