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Wellness: Questions to Ask When Prescribed a New Medication

Talking about a newly prescribed drug with your healthcare provider can sometimes be daunting, but it is important. To help guide patients with this task, Thomas J. Henry has provided a list of questions to ask when confronted with a new prescription.

The Importance of Asking About Medications

Even with good intentions, some healthcare providers can leave out important details when they are prescribing a medication.

According to one study, doctors spend an average of 12 seconds talking about new medication’s side effects, and fewer than 50% mentioned side effects at all.

The result of these important details being overlooked is that many people feel nervous or uncomfortable when leaving their doctor’s office with a new prescription because they do not fully understand the purpose of the new medicine.

To lessen the confusion and discomfort, people are encouraged to ask their doctors important questions about the new prescription.

Though asking questions can be intimidating, doing so is necessary at times to broaden one’s understanding of a drug and to strengthen one’s confidence in its effectiveness

Part of the doctor’s job is making sure their patients feel safe and comfortable—when patients feel uncomfortable with anything, they should not be afraid to ask!

10 Questions to Ask About a New Medication

Use the list below as a guide when you are talking to your doctor about a new prescription.

  • What is the name of the medication? – Make sure you know the name. If it is hard to remember, have it spelled out for you. This is good information to have if you want to do some online research later.
  • What does this medication do? – Know what condition this medication is meant to treat, how the medication works, and if it has been proven to work.
  • How do I take this medicine? – Know if the drug can be combined with your other medications or taken with vitamins, certain foods, or alcohol.
  • What are the benefits?
  • What are the risks?
  • What side effects are common and are they temporary?
  • What side effects are severe, if any?
  • Are there alternatives? – Discuss options that may include modifications to daily routines to solve the problem without drugs.
  • How much will it cost/will my insurance plan cover the payment?
  • Why is this new drug better than my old one? (If this drug is being prescribed in place of an old prescription.)

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