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Woman Stuck by Syringe at Target Awarded $4.6M

According to several media sources, a woman was awarded $4.6 million from a South Carolina jury after being stuck with a syringe in a Target parking lot.

Before Trial, Plaintiff Offered $12K to Settle

The incident occurred in May 2014 when Denise Garrison and her 8-year-old daughter were visiting a Target store in Anderson, South Carolina. Upon exiting the vehicle, the 8-year-old grabbed a syringe that was sitting on the ground of the parking lot. In a flash of panic, Garrison reportedly slapped the syringe out of her child’s hand, sticking herself with the syringe in the process.

Garrison filed the lawsuit against Target after they wouldn’t pay her medical expenses that she incurred as a result of being stuck by the needle. According to media outlets, she had to undergo several tests for HIV and hepatitis. The tests came back negative, but she fell ill as a result of the treatments.

Prior to the trial, the plaintiff’s legal team claimed she was entitled to more than $12,000 due to her illnesses, but Target’s highest offer reached only $2,500. The $4.6 million figure was unexpected by Garrison and the legal team, reports several sources.

According to several media outlets, Target has said they may appeal the jury’s verdict.

Negligent Property Owners

When a property owner neglects to keep their property or properties safe, they are endangering you and those around you.  No one should worry about being injured when going about their daily lives. However, every day there are more and more people getting hurt because of someone else’s negligence.

Premises liability holds business owners, city governments, and property owners liable for injuries that occur on their properties including matters of negligent maintenance or unsafe premises. Thomas J. Henry has handled and continues to handle numerous premises liability cases.

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