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Boating Accident Caused by Equipment Malfunction

Destiny Baker4 years ago

David Trummell remains in the hospital after saving his daughter in a Lake Ozarks boating accident while on family vacation.

Details of the Boating Accident

“I jumped between the motor and [my daughter] and pushed her away from the motor, and it pushed me toward the motor.” – David Trummell as reported by Fox 4 News.

  • The Trummell family of St. Joseph, Minnesota were visiting Lake Ozarks on there first family vacation which ended within a couple hours of their arrival.
  • Mr. Trummell’s 12-year-old daughter, Lily, was climbing back in to the boat via a ladder after tubing when her foot slipped and was cut by the propeller, causing her to fall in the water.
  • Mr. Trummell heard his daughter's shouts for help and immediately jumped in to the water placing himself between his daughter and the boat's motor.
  • Mr. Trummell ended up under the boat where the propeller sliced is leg, stomach, and ribs.
  • He is still recovering in a St. Joseph hospital.
  • Accident investigators determined the accident occurred when an equipment malfunction with the motor caused the propeller to keep spinning.

Injuries Sustained in the Accident

  • Lily received 28 stitches in her foot.
  • David Trummell has been hospitalized since the accident and has undergone several surgeries.
  • Doctors expect Mr. Trummell to be recovering for another 3 to 6 months.
  • Mr. Trummell will be unable to work for several months.
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