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Boeing 767s to be Inspected by the FAA

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Justin Chavez4 years ago

The Boeing 767, one of their most popular commercial jets, has been ordered for inspection by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) due to a problem that could lead to pilots losing control of the plane.

About the Boeing 767 Inspection

According to CNN, the problem has been looked into since 2000 with the planes being subject to earlier inspections.

The FAA released a notice Monday that claims the problems with the rivets could cause failures or jams, potentially affecting the plane's ability to climb or descend.

So far the problem has not been cited as a cause of any 767 crashes. Boeing has delivered 1,061 of the long-range, widebody planes since it began its service in 1982.

Though some airlines such as United Continental have filed arguments claiming that the previous inspections ordered by the FAA have addressed the risks cited by the new order, the FAA has rejected them.  Boeing has said it is working closely with the FAA on the safety issues.

The order will take effect on March 3, and the airlines will have six years to comply. The upgrade was made available to carriers in 2007, and many airlines have since replaced the necessary part.

Once a fix is made, the airlines must perform follow up inspections within 6,000 flight hours of that fix for each aircraft.

Aircraft Accident Survival Statistics

  • According to data published by USA Today, aircraft accident survival rates have not improved since the 1970s.
  • In fact, the survival rate for accidents that occurred during takeoff, initial climb, en route and during approach was higher in the 1970s than in the first decade o the 2000s – 22 percent compared to 15 percent.
  • One of the few accident types the U.S. has seen approval in is accidents that occur during the approach to an airport, which is down 4 percent since the 1970s.
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