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Bottled Water Recalled Due to Possible E. Coli Contamination

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Erin King2 years ago

In recent news, up to 14 brands that market bottled water have had their product recalled due to possible exposure to the bacteria E. coli.

Evidence of E. Coli Found at Spring

A recent E. coli scare has motivated a California-based company to reconsider and recall some of its products.  According to CNN Online, Niagara Bottling LLC, a family-owned California-based water producer, has decided to recalls its products strictly out of “an abundance of caution.” 

Though there have been no signs of the company’s products being contaminated thus far, the officials of the company claim that the operator of a spring that supplies two of the company’s plants failed to report evidence of the bacteria E. coli at the source of the spring. 

The company claimed that as a result, it has halted production of the water products, has begun disinfecting its bottling lines, and moving forward, has issued a voluntary recall of its products. Stan Bratskeir, spokesperson for Niagara Bottling LLC has stated that the company has also decided to cut ties with Far Away Springs, the water source, in wake of the incident.

In response, Far Away Springs released a statement denying that any water samples from the source’s plant were contaminated with E. coli.  The owner of the plant, Stan Frompovicz, has claimed that in his eight years at the plant, the water has never received an E. coli – positive result. 

Frampovicz stresses that after a bad experience in testing on June 10th, the water from the plant was rechecked and this resulted in a negative E. coli sample; he holds fast to the belief that the water at his plant is not only drinkable, it is quite sterile.

Details of the Recalled Bottled Water

The Niagara recall involves water from two Pennsylvania plants that bottled the water from June 10th – 18th; on the bright side, the two plants only represent about three-percent of Niagara’s total volume. 

The company has left a message for consumers on its website with instructions on how to check whether the bottled water in their possession needs to be returned.

The CDC recommends that the public heeds Niagara’s recall decision, suggesting that consumers not buy any of the recalled products.


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