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Breakers Recalled – Fire and Shock Hazard

Emaan Elahi2 years ago

Schneider Electric have issued a recall on PowerPact J-Frame Circuit Breakers, manufactured in USA and Mexico, because a risk of fire and electric shock is imposed when the circuit breaker does not trip during an overload condition.

Description of the Recalled Breakers

Information below provided by the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC)

  • The recall involves PowerPact J-frame molded case circuit breakers with thermal-magnetic trip units.
  • The recalled circuit breakers consist of black plastic, have a three-position breaker handle and are rated for 150 to 250 amps with interruption ratings of D, G, J, L and R.
  • The catalog number is on the front of the circuit breaker handle and on top of the yellow label “Schneider Electric” or “Square D”. Schneider Electric starts with “NJ” and Square D starts with J.
  • The circuit breakers recalled have the “catalog number” and “breaker type” of: (N)JDX26XXX; 2 Pole, (N)JGX26XXX; 2 Pole, (N)JJX26XXX- 2 Pole, (N)JLX26XXX- 2 Pole, (N)JDX36XXX- 3 Pole, (N)JGX36XXX- 3 Pole, (N)JJX36XXX- 3 Pole, (N)JLX36XXX- 3 Pole, and (N)JRX36XXX- 3 pole.
  • The recalled circuit breakers were sold at Schneider electric distributors from March 24, 2014 through September 26th, 2014 with codes 14131 to 14395. The date code is on the front right handle of the circuit breaker.

Consumer Action

Consumers should discontinue use of the circuit breaker and contact Schneider Electric for a free replacement circuit breaker and a credit of up to $300 to cover labor costs.

Another option is to receive a handle update kit and a credit of up to $150 to cover labor costs for installation. For more information contact Schneider Electric USA at (800) 634-8730 any time or online at


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