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Broken Rail May Have Caused Connecticut Train Crash

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susan_harr4 years ago

A broken rail may to blame for Friday’s catastrophic train crash in Connecticut, which left more than 70 injured, some critically, and caused millions in damage. National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) member Earl Weener said Saturday than the broken rail is of substantial interest to investigators and a portion of the eastbound track will be analyzed further in a lab.

Broken Rail Being Scrutinized by NTSB Track Team

72 people were injured when two Metro-North commuter trains collided in Connecticut on Friday (May 17, 2013). According to news reports, the train heading from New York City to New Haven, Connecticut derailed around 6:00 p.m. and crashed into a train travelling westbound toward New York. As the NTSB investigation unfolds, reports surface about a portion of track which may have been damaged prior to the crash.  

In a press conference on Saturday (May 18, 2013), NTSB spokesman Earl Weener stated that:

“There was a section of rail on the eastbound track…that was fractured at the rail joint. This fracture is of interest to investigators…”

Breakdown of NTSB Train Crash Investigation

The NTSB investigation is well underway, with a separate team assigned to each segment of investigation:

Track Team– Began site assessment and track measurements and is investigating fracture of rail on the eastbound track.

Mechanical Team– Started inspection of cars involved in derailment and have requested maintenance records from Metro-North. They will also inspect the trains at greater length at an off-site location and have begun inspecting the train that passed through the area prior to the crash.

Signals Team– Signal system data has been downloaded and is currently being reviewed by the signals team.

Operations Team– Team is interviewing engineers and train crews of both trains involved in the accident.

Survival Factors Group– Team is performing an in-depth inspection of the train cars that sustained the most damage. 

Human Performance Team– Team is requesting medical documents and training records for crews on both trains.

Data Recorder Specialist Team– Team retrieved data from Data Recorders on both trains and sent to Washington for further review.

An Experienced Train Accident Attorney

Because of the serious nature of train accidents, quick action is imperative. Our lawyers understand that the immediate acquisition, or acquiring, of evidence is paramount to understanding how the accident occurred. Remember, your choice does matter.

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