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BRPD in Search for Fugitive Involved in Hit-and-Run

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Katie Chapman4 years ago

Baton Rouge are looking for two men allegedly invovled in an armed robbery and the hit-and-run death of a 37-year-old motorist.

About the Fatal Baton Rouge Accident

Baton Rouge motorist Elvin “Teddybear” Dunn Jr., 37, was killed Monday, Jan. 20, after being struck by a car evading pursuit.

According to the Advocate, Police were pursuing a 1997 Ford Crown Victoria because it had no license plate. Dunn was struck in his Lincoln Town Car ejecting him out of the vehicle at Fairfields Avenue and North 30th Street.

Three men fled from the Crown Victoria and attempted to evaded arrest. The alleged driver of the Crown Victoria, 17-year-old Melvin Morgan of 1468 Port Drive, surrendered to police Thursday morning. He was booked and charged on counts of manslaughter, armed robbery, aggravated flight and hit-and-run.

Police also found a stolen cellular phone at the scene linking the wanted men to an armed robbery committed earlier in the day.

A Mother Responds to the Loss of her Son

“As long as they are out on the street, they can hurt someone else’s child. There are so many other people out there with children,” – Michelle Dunn as published by the Advocate

  • Dunn was a graduate of Istrouma High School and had been working as a security guard for the Belle of Baton Rouge Casino for more than 13 years. It was a job he enjoyed and cherished.
  • Dunn had been living at 844 Monet Drive for several years. He checked in with his mother every day and always texted after visits to let her know he’d arrived home to his apartment safely, but when Dunn’s mother, Michelle Dunn, received no reply Monday night, she sensed something was not right.
  • It was only minutes after Dunn left his parents’ Baton Rouge home that he died.
  • Ms. Dunn questioned the wisdom of the police chase, given the minor infraction that initiated it.
  • Ms. Dunn expressed her hopes that the other two fugitives would surrender.
Hit-and-Run Accident Statistics

According to USA Today, hit-and-run crashes are on the rise in the U.S as legislators in several states look to toughen laws to address the troubling “plague.”

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), the number of fatal hit-and-run crashes are trending upward:

  • 1,274 recorded in 2009
  • 1,393 recorded in 2010
  • 1,449 recorded in 2011 (most recent year available)
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