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Car Fire Video Causes Tesla Stock to Fall

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Jarod Cassidy4 years ago

Tesla stock has taken a six percent hit following a video in which one of their Model S cars can be seen burning as the result of a fire that originated in the vehicles battery.

Tesla Model S Bursts into Flames

  • According to Time, the driver exited the highway after hitting a large piece of metal debris.
  • Soon after, his vehicle became disabled and he began to smell something burning.
  • When firefighters arrived on the scene, the entire front of the vehicle was ablaze. Firefighters found trouble suppressing the flames as the fire would reignite after being put out.
  • Firefighters determined that water was intensifying the fire and resorted to a dry chemical extinguisher. After gaining enough control of the fire to remove the front section of the car, firefighters were able to gain access to the battery and extinguishing the fire completely.
  • While it is not known exactly how long it took firefighters to put out the fire, they were on scene for over two hours.

Tesla Reports that the Fire Originated in the Battery

  • Tesla has concluded that the fire began as a result of damage to the battery.
  • The Tesla Model S relies on a liquid-cooled 85 kilowatt-hour battery which is mounted underneath the passenger compartment board.
  • According to Tesla, the metal debris the driver hit likely punctured a hole in the battery causing a chemical reaction resulting in ignition.
  • Thus far, authorities have been unable to confirm this due to the damage caused by the long burning fire.
Concern with Lithium Ion Chemical Batteries
  • There has been concern with the use of batteries similar to that used in the Tesla Model S following recent incidents in Chevrolet’s Volt plug-in hybrid and the new Boeing 787.
  • Two years ago, crash safety tests saw three Volts catch fire due to coolant leaking from plastic casing which surrounds the battery.
  • More recently, Boeing’s entire 787 fleet was grounded for four months the lithium-ion batteries on some of the planes overheated and caught fire.
  • It is unclear when the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration will begin investigation the incident as the government shutdown has limited the agency’s resources.
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