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Carbon Monoxide Threat Can Be Reduced in Generators

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Timothy Haren5 years ago

Existing technology can be used to lower the threat and increase the escape time of carbon monoxide (CO) poisoning in portable gas-powered generators. According to the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC), using closed-loop electronic fuel injectors with small catalysts similar to those found in scooters and mopeds can reduce CO emission rates and save lives.

Gas-Powered Generator Statistics

  • Since 1999 there have been over 800 deaths involving gas-powered generators.
  • According to CPSC data, 93 percent of CO deaths involving generators were at homes without CO alarms.
  • Generators cause the largest amount of non-fire deaths involving consumer products.

Generator Safety

While gas powered generators should still never be used indoors, a study conducted by the CPSC shows using updated fuel injector technology can increase the escape time from CO emissions. With improved emission control technology, the time between symptoms and CO related incapacitation is extended, though not eliminated. The CPSC is urging manufacturers to update their generators with strict CO emission standards, which will save lives.

Carbon Monoxide Safety
  • Generators should never be used inside – always outside, far from the home, even if the suggested improvements are adapted.
  • Generators should not be used near windows, doors, or vents.
  • Every home should have carbon monoxide alarms on every level, and any outdoor sleeping area.
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