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CDC Warns Public Pool Goers of Health Violations

Amanda Tejuca9 months ago

With summer-break right around the corner, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) is warning swimmers of potential health violations at public pools.

About the Public Pool Health Violation Study

According to a study performed by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, potential visitors are at risk for contamination in nearly 80% of public pools, reports Reuters.  

The states with the most public swimming facilities were studied—Arizona, Florida, California, New York, and Texas. Most pools inspected showed a big public health hazard because they either lacked in chlorine or safety equipment. This could lead to an increasing number of bacterial infections and drowning incidents.

The CDC recommends that everyone should run their own inspections of pools before going in, like testing the water with a test strip. Also, they remind everyone to not go inside any pool that is too cloudy to see the drain.  

Statistics on Contaminated Pools

Information below provided by Reuters:

  • Nearly 80 percent of public swimming pools and hot tubs inspected in five U.S. states in 2013 had health or safety violations.
  • About 4,000 people drown in pools and elsewhere each year in the United States.
  • There were nearly 350 disease outbreaks linked to pools from 2003 to 2012, the agency said.
  • Almost a third of local health departments nationally do not regulate or inspect pools, making scrutiny by the public even more vital.


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