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Cheerios Recall – Undisclosed Wheat Allergen

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Frank Hoffman2 years ago

Cereal manufacturer General Mills issued a voluntary recall of several of its Cheerios product lines which were made at one of the company’s California facilities. This recall is due to boxes which were marketed as “gluten free” containing traces of wheat allergen.

About the Cheerios Recall  

General Mills claims that due to what it is calling an “isolated incident” at its Lodi California plant, wheat flour was “inadvertently” introduced into the gluten free flour. This incident resulted in Cheerios products containing wheat allergen being labeled as ‘gluten free’.

This creates a potentially harmful situation for consumers with wheat allergies who purchase and consume the affected products under the impression that it does not contain wheat.

General Mills has advised all consumers not to ingest the affected products and to contact the company for a replacement or full refund.

Affected Products

  • The recall affects Cheerios and Honey Nut Cheerios cereal varieties which were produced at the company’s Lodi California plant in July 2015.
  • Affected products can be identified by a “better if used by date” ranging from July 12th to July 24th. The date will be followed by the code LD, indicating that the product was produced at the Lodi, CA facility. (example: 20JUL2016LD)
  • Affected products have the following code dates:
    • Honey Nut Cheerios
      • 12JUL2016LD
      • 13JUL2016LD
      • 14JUL2016LD
      • 15JUL2016LD
      • 16JUL2016LD
    • Honey Nut Cheerios
      • 17JUL2016LD
      • 18JUL2016LD
      • 20JUL2016LD
      • 21JUL2016LD
      • 22JUL2016LD
    • Honey Nut Cheerios
      • 23JUL2016LD
      • 24JUL2016LD
      • 25JUL2016LD
    • Yellow Box Cheerios
      • 23JUL2016LD
      • 24JUL2016LD
      • 25JUL2016LD
Potential Concerns
  • Consumers with wheat allergies can experience mild to severe allergic reactions if wheat products are accidentally ingested. Consumers with a gluten intolerance are also at risk of experiencing varying degrees of discomfort.
  • According to the American College of Allergy, Asthma, and Immunology (ACAAI). Symptoms can include Hives, Nausea and Vomiting, and can even trigger Asthma or Anaphylaxis (a life threatening allergic reaction) if consumed by a person with severe wheat allergies.


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