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Child Burned While at Texas Day Care

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David Turnbull4 years ago

A day care in Mesquite, Texas is facing a lawsuit after allegations that a caretaker caused injury to a child. The employee has since been fired.

Child Burned While at Texas Day Care

  • On March 27, two-year-old Jordan Smith suffered significant burn injuries while attending the Lil Rascals Learning Center in Mesquite, Texas.
  • Jordan had an accident after which he was sent to the restroom alone by caretaker Johnnie Brown.
  • Over 15 minutes later, Jordan emerged form the bathrom and was taken to a sink by Brown.
  • According to investigators, Jordan said Brown burned him with hot water. Jordan was treated at a local emergency room.

Negligence of Texas Day Care’s Employee Causes Lawsuit

  • The Lil Rascals Learning Center is being sued as a result of an employee allowing a 2 year old to be alone in a bathroom and in connection to the burn injuries sustained by Jordan.  The State of Texas cited several violations to Lil Rascals Learning Center according to KENS5 San Antonio
  • Of the violations, the employee of 17 years, Brown was found to have caused physical abuse of a child that caused injury, failure to call paramedics, and leaving children unattended in the classroom. 
  • A press video was released showing Brown leaving the Jordan unattended in the bathroom for 15 minutes, washing his hands after he emerged, the child being wrapped in a towel and taken from the classroom and the rest of the children in the room being left alone for 12 minutes until another teacher returned.
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