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Chrysler Recalls 566,000 Trucks and SUVs

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Brigitte Barrera3 years ago

More than half a million trucks and SUVs have been recalled by Chrysler for manufacturer defects.

General Chrysler Recall Information

According to the Houston Chronicle, Fiat Chrysler is currently recalling more than 566,000 trucks and SUV due to reliability concerns.

So far this year, the recently merged company has issued 33 worldwide recalls resulting in 6.4 million recalled vehicles; 27 recalls include 5.1 million vehicles, which are in the U.S. market.

8 out of the 27 recalls, however, were announced prior to any consumer problems being reported.

Chrysler had 7.7 million vehicles recalled in 2002.

In an annual Consumer Report Magazine, 28 brands were ranked based on a Consumer Reports’ survey on reliability. Dodge, Ram, Fiat, and Jeep (all brands of Chrysler) were among the lowest scoring.

Ram Truck Recalls

  • Vehicles included in the recall are 382,000 Ram 2500 and 3500 Trucks. Also in recall are chassis cabs manufactured between 2010 and 2014 for the Ram 4500 and 5500.
  • These trucks have a 6.7-liter Cummins diesel engine that is the cause of the recall. The fuel heater terminal can begin to break down and cause overheating, fuel leaks, or fires.
  • Consumers are advised to check for an odor of diesel fuel.
  • No injuries or fires have been reported due to this issue.
  • Chrysler dealers are able to fix the problem by installing an upgraded fuel heater terminal and fuel heater housings may also be replaced.
  • Chrysler will notify consumers in December.
SUV Recalls
  • Approximately 184,000 2014 Jeep Grand Cherokees and Dodge Durango SUVs are being recalled.
  • In these vehicles, the stability control is being disabled by interrupted communications if debris covers the steering column control module’s circuit board.
  • Dealers were receiving complaints about the electronic stability control warning lights being on.
  • No crashes or injuries have been reported in connection with this problem.
  • This problem can be fixed by upgrading the software on the SUVs.
  • Customers will be officially notified in December.


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