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Chrysler Vans Recalled in North America

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Kayla Rouser4 years ago

Chrysler Group, LLC is recalling an estimate 9,655 full size vans in the United States, due to the accelerator pedal getting stuck.

About the Chrysler Van Recall

According to Reuters, the accelerator pedal of the Chrysler vans is getting stuck in the wide open position, potentially increasing the risk of accident.

Chrysler released a statement and noted that every Chrysler vehicle is equipped with a brake throttle override system that allows drivers to stop moving by applying the brake pedal to override any co-occurring accelerator input.

The issue was discovered at a company test track, and Chrysler did share their findings with Fiat; because of similarities between Fiat's ProMaster and the Ducato van.

Chrysler Van Recall Information

  • Of the affected vans, an estimated 7,935 are in the United States, 1,432 are in Canada, and 283 are in Mexico.
  • About half of the affected 2014 Ram ProMaster vans are still on dealer lots and cannot be sold until they are repaired.
  • Eric Mayne, Chrysler’s spokesperson said that the affected parts were already scheduled for replacement to improve the driving experience before the issue was discovered.
  • Owners will be notified of the recall.
National Highway Traffic Safety Administration Reference

The National Traffic and Motor Vehicle Safety Act that was enacted in 1966 gave the NHTSA authority to issue vehicle safety standards and required manufactures to recall vehicles that have safety related defects, like the sticking of an accelerator pedal.

Since then more than 390 million cars, trucks, buses, recreational vehicles, motorcycles, and mopeds have been recalled to correct safety defects.

An estimated 7,200 people have died in motor vehicles traffic crashes in 2013, 4.4%less than in 2012.

The fatality rate for the first 3 months of 2013 have decreased to 1.04 fatalities per 100 million vehicle miles traveled down from the 1.08 fatalities per 100 million vehicles miles traveled in the first quarter of 2012 and is projected to steadily decrease into 2014.

Accelerator pedals sticking or breaking are safety related issues. If you think your vehicle may have a safety defect, report it to the NHTSA.


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