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Class 1 Recall: E. Coli Contamination in Beef

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Nicholas Wills5 years ago

The USDA’s (U.S. Department of Agriculture) Food Safety and Inspection Service announced that a Utah meat packing company – Dale T. Smith and Sons Meat Packing – is recalling more than 38,000 lbs of beef products that have a possibility of being contaminated with E. coli.

About the Beef Recall

Dale T. Smith and Sons Meat Packing is recalling packed meat that was produced on August 7, 2012 and may have not been refrigerated properly. The USDA’s Agricultural Marketing Service’s lab tests discovered the beef to be contaminated with E. coli 0157:H7.

  • Note: Most E. coli strains are harmless. However, some strains, in particular – 0157:H7 – are potentially deadly, and can cause dehydration, bloody diarrhea, and in very severe cases, kidney failure.

FSIS Recommendations

  • Wash hands before and after handling raw meat with warm/hot (preferred) or cold soapy running water by rubbing hands together vigorously for at least 20 seconds.

    • Vigorous rubbing of hands and utensils/surfaces creates friction that helps to dislodge bacteria and viruses from hands and surfaces.
  • Wash cutting boards, dishes and utensils with hot (preferred), soapy water and clean up any spills right away.
  • Warm/hot water helps to dissolve fats/foods, aiding in cleaning/microbe removal and can also assist in deactivation of pathogens.
  • Keep raw meat, fish and poultry away from other food that will not be thoroughly cooked.
  • Thoroughly cook ground meat such as beef to an internal temperature of 160° F, as measured with a food thermometer, before eating.
  • Refrigerate raw meat and poultry within two hours after purchase (one hour if temperatures exceed 90° F). Refrigerate cooked meat and poultry within two hours after cooking. 

Description of the Recalled Beef Products

  • Each box bears a label with the identifying package date of “08/07/2012” as well as the establishment number “EST. 4975” inside the USDA mark of inspection.
  • The affected products were distributed to wholesale and retail establishments in California and Salt Lake City, Utah.
  • The products that were destined for further processing may not bear “EST. 4975” on the products available for direct consumer purchase. When available, the retail distribution list(s) will be posted on the FSIS website.
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