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Collapsible Laundry Hampers Cause Child Eye Injuries

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susan_harr4 years ago

Collapsible hampers have been blamed for a number of child eye injuries, including several lacerations requiring surgery.  No recalls have been issued by the Consumer Product Safety Commission as of yet.

What are Collapsible Hampers?

The hampers, made entirely of mesh and wire, have a spring-like design which allows them to collapse when not in use. The problem arises when, after extended use, the mesh breaks down and becomes frayed, allowing the wire to poke through.

3 Child Eye Injuries Linked to Collapsible Hampers

  • A 23-month-old girl sustained a laceration injury when she was poked in the eye from a wire protruding from a collapsible hamper. Her injury required surgery.
  • An 11-year-old boy was putting laundry into a collapsible hamper when the wire frame popped through the fabric, causing a corneal laceration. According to a CBS affiliate news report, he underwent surgery and has to wear a special contact lens to help restore the vision in that eye.
  • A 4-year-old boy suffered a corneal laceration when a piece of metal from the side of a collapsible hamper tore through the fabric and scratched his eye.

Family Received $665,000 Settlement after Eye Injury

According to reports, the 4-year old who was injured by a collapsible hamper reportedly received a settlement of $665,000 before a lawsuit was even filed in the case.

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