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Concerns over Concussions Could Lead to Fewer Youths in Football

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David Turnbull4 years ago

CNN reported on a new poll released that shows that one in every three Americans believes that knowing about the damage concussions can cause would make them less likely to allow their children to play youth football

Findings of the Football Concussion Survey

  • According to the poll conducted by HBO Real Sports and Marist College Institute for Public Opinion, 1200 adults were surveyed in July upon their attitudes towards concussions and safety in youth football. 
  • While 86 percent of adults have heard of the concussion and brain-injury connection in football, only 32 percent stated in the phone survey that they were more concerned about the game. 
  • Further analysis shows that 25 percent of Americans believe the risks are too high; however, 70 percent believe that the benefits, precautions taken by coaches, and several rules implemented by youth football leagues far outweigh the risks over concussion.

Mixed Opinions Over Future Size of Youth Leagues

Keith Strudler, director of the Marts College Center for Sports Communication believes that the attitudes by the public could likely result in new public behaviors, such as the 14 percent in the survey that felt less comfortable with watching football possibly turning off their televisions, knowing concussions are likely. 

Josh Pruce, the National Director of Scholastics and Media Relations for Pop Warner (the largest youth football league in the U.S.) believes differently, stating the data shows a steady increase in 1 percent of enrollment in youth football leagues over the past decade through 2012.

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