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Concussion Rates Underreported in U.S. Children

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Isabella Rolz1 year ago

According to a several investigations, the United States has been underestimating the severity and amount of pediatric concussions, with over 8,000 diagnoses of concussions over the past four years.

About the Concussion Study

A recent report revealed that kids are bumping their heads more frequently than expected. The Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia (CHOP) and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) analyzed electronic data related to concussions in infants.

The Tech Times emphasized that of patients 17-years-old and younger, 82 percent had their initial diagnosis of a concussion at a pediatrician’s office or another primary care area. Only 12 percent had their concussion diagnosed at the emergency department.

It is important to note that the majority of concussion statistics are based off emergency department reports. Subsequently, this data indicates that concussions among children are mostly unreported.

Concussion therapy depends greatly on early detection. Patients who get treated sooner, can begin treatment earlier than specialized providers.

Major Findings of the Study

  • Investigations show that there were over 8,000 diagnoses of concussions over the past four years.
  • Four out of five of concussions among children are diagnosed at a primary care site, not the E.R.
  • During the research period, primary care visits as the point of entry for the children increased 13 percent.
  • Emergency department visits decreased 16 percent.
  • One third of the population of children investigated, where under the age of 12.


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