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ConEd Pays Victims of Harlem Explosion

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Kayla Rouser4 years ago

Investor-owned energy company Consolidated Edison (ConEd) has paid nearly 90 victims affected by an apartment explosion in East Harlem last week.

About the Harlem Apartment Explosion

A massive explosion occurred off Park Avenue and 116th in East Harlem, due to what was believed to be a gas leak. The explosion killed at least eight people, injured 60 more and left at least nine missing.

ConEd was the utility company in place for the destroyed complex, and has made compensation payments to nearly 90 survivors and residents displaced by the explosion.

According to USA Today, the payments began the day after federal investigators found a leak in the gas main near apartment buildings that were destroyed by the explosion.

Consolidated Edison Payments Raise Suspicion

An attorney has previously handled cases against ConEd told the Wall Street Journal that it is unusual to see company to begin paying victims so soon after an accident, especially since no releases have positively linked the company to the explosion.

A Con Ed spokesman, Robert McGree, says the company made 87 payments to people who were injured or lost their homes, but declined to provide the average amount paid for each victim.

The payments were made after “one-on-one” meetings with the victims.  

Some are speculating that the payments are a preemptive move by Con Ed to stem potential lawsuits. Should victims who accepted payments attempt to file a lawsuit, the payments would be taken into account.


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